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Event Planning Degree!

Mama Sandra party with the best service and highest quality that you deserve presented. We are waiting for your order! E-mail.noteestrese @

Event Planning Degree
Mama Sandra Caterers offers a range of programs to make everyone feel comfortable, as in his own house.

- International Cuisine: We work with several chefs, several bars and restaurants

- Focus: Latin American Cooking

- Organisation of events: DJs, Show, Live Music

- Cook for yourself in your own home

- Catering: earn money

- Catering: Private Programs

- Services for Gentlemen.

- Programs:
- Contact / Meeting / Travel Tourist Lords
- Events in Nursing Home
- Private Menu (Kitchen minute - a la carte)
- Support Staff: The ACEO cleaners, washing, ironing, shopping
- Fulfill the requirement of each master.

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Event Planning Degree
The emerging field of event management is one of the fastest growing sectors in today's increasingly popular world of contemporary business. From fashion shows to raise money for charitable purposes, meetings of the music festival, the diversification of events makes it an important factor both in the entertainment industry and the timing of the companies and organizations.
Mama Sandra caterer brings you directly to the degree Contenporáneo Event Planning your needs through its culture and other cultures, while the Subámerica, Latin America, Central merica surrounds.
With all of those in Africa, cultures Caterers born mother Sandra Dancer profecionales the work before he was a cook professionals.
Leean his biography !!!......

-Event Planning Degree!

Original do Brasil........

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